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Commercial Cleaning Services in Wilmington and Middletown, DE


From startups to organizations positioning for growth, Tornado II Janitorial Service is committed to handling all of your commercial cleaning needs. Our commitment to excellence, open communication, integrity, and professionalism allows us to deliver a quality service, every service. 


Tornado II Janitorial Service offers a wide range of specialty cleaning services. No matter the specialty request, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver exceptional results. Our cleaning experts deliver the type of service our customers expect, with the quality, attention to detail and the satisfaction they deserve.

A woman who needs commercial cleaning services in her home in Wilmington, DE

The Problem

Desktop surfaces, computer keyboards, mouse and telephone receivers are more contaminated than some restroom toilet seats... seriously. With almost every surface contaminated by bacteria and/or viruses causing infectious disease, it's no wonder why some businesses are working so hard to keep their people at work and out of the doctors office.

The Solution

Daily cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. To ensure a healthy and comfortable office environment for your staff, routine disinfection cycles are highly recommended. 

Tornado II's knowledgeable and proficient cleaners are equipped with the latest healthy office cleaning methods and products that help improve the indoor environmental quality. The reduction of dust, bacteria, mold, pollen and other harmful allergens plays a vital role in increasing employee performance, safety, health, and morale.

We’ve had other competitors knock on the door and ask us if we want a quote or if we want to change services and from the very beginning, with (Tornado II), we’ve like the quality of the work and because of that we’ve decided to stick with (Tornado II) and will stick with (Tornado II) as long as the quality remains what it is.
— Erik Seel, Fashionvest