"Excellence in Service Through Pride and Commitment”
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When it comes to caring for the most vulnerable members of our communities, we seek environments where the standards of cleanliness are high. Tornado II's DisinfectIt process is not just a service; it's the result of an agreement between facilities and families, parents, caregivers and care providers to keep health and safety as a top priority.


Day Cares

Messy noses, sloppy sneezes and coughing kids... Fighting cold & flu germs is a day-to-day task. Children are often more susceptible to viral infections due to a slightly less developed immune system. This is why young children are more prone to contract a viral infection, and take more time to clear from it.

Parents and staff can rest easier at night knowing their facility is being cared for by our team of professionals. We are the responsible choice for commercial cleaning!


Adult Care & Medical Facilities

Call-outs, burnouts and breakouts... Keep your staff, residents and their visitor's safe with proper disinfecting procedures.

Older residents are at an increased risk. As their body's immune system's ability to detect and correct cell defects declines, so too does their system's ability to respond and recover in adequate time. We understand that adult care and medical facilities are held to a higher standard, which is why we provide reliable sanitizing, disinfecting  and cleaning that you and those you care for can count on. 


Tornado II has the experience, they are a partner, they communicate promptly to us and they’re open to feedback.
— Nick Medaglio, Managing Director