"Excellence in Service Through Pride and Commitment”


Our focus on health & safety decreases the amount of sick days your facility's occupants will experience while increasing productivity and improving your buildings overall image. When it comes to appearance and cleanliness, we’ll make sure your facility makes the grade!

When operating a school, education and the safety of the children in your care are your primary responsibilities. That's why our team members use environmentally safe products and wear easy to identify uniforms. They've also been issued Federal & State background checks and are licensed and certified. 


The Problem

Runny noses, low-grade fevers, and stomach bugs. These issues are all caused by viruses and are easily spread through direct and indirect contact between kids, staff and everything they touch!


The Solution

As the custodial service provider for more than 25% of the charter schools in the state of Delaware, Tornado II Janitorial Service works hard to decrease the amount of absenteeism caused by viruses. Our team members are dedicated to providing your students with a more inviting, safe and healthy learning environment.

Our education cleaning services helps your facility stay compliant with all regulations & standards, including those outlined by OSHA. We work hard to understand your school’s unique safety and cleaning needs. 

With Tornado II, it was a good price that as a school and non profit we could afford and fit our budget but as well as we were still getting the cleanliness, the service and the communication from the team that we needed to operate our school.
— Nick Medaglio, Managing Director